Posted in October 2014

Weigh In

So it was weigh in tonight and I have had a really great week Slimming World wise, I am happy to say that I some how manged to lose 6lbs this week 😀 😀 😀

I also got my 2st award 😀 😀


And not only that I am back in the 14’s 😀 😀 😀

Total lose so far 2st 4lbs 😀 😀

Posted in October 2014

So Far So Good………..

Well I am happy to say that so far this week I have been really good 😀

I have started to use the online Slimming World Food Diary which I have never used as I’m not that keen on it but I have made a point of sitting down each evening and adding what I have eaten to my food dairy, normally I would write it down as I eat during the day but i guess that trying it a different way has made me more mind-full.

So on Wednesday I had 11.5 syns, Thursday I had 9 syns and today so far I have had 3.5 syns so I’m very happy with that. i do try and have my 15 syns a day but i also work them out over the week so I start with 105 and work my way down that for me covers the weekend.

So dinner last night was Homemade Burger

Homemade Burger

As you can see I like BIG burgers !!! i had my burger with fried jacket potato & roasted veg

Burger with Fried Jacket potato & Roasted Veg

And for dinner tonight I had Chicken Pilau with a mixed salad

Chicken Pilau & Mixed Salad

Here’s to the rest of the week !!!! 😀 😀 😀

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This Weeks Weigh In ….

So went to weigh in last night and I gained 1lb 😦 to be totally honest I was expecting more as I was away at the weekend and was totally of plan !!!

So 1lb I don’t think is to bad but I am really getting fed up of losing, gaining, losing, gaining, losing & gaining !!!! why can I not just have a few weeks where I lose each week !!!!!

Well I have 3 nights out during November/December 2 of them being Christmas meals so my plan is that by Friday 18th December I will have lost another stone if not a bit more……

On the plus side I went through my wardrobe today and I have a lovely evening dress which I have had for a couple of years and I have never worn it, it still has all its tags on well I tried it on and its to big !!!!!! 😀 Now I just need to find a dress for the 18th and buy it and then I will fit into it !!!!!

😀 😀 😀

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Weigh In !!!

Well after a very up and down week I went to weigh tonight and i am very happy to say that I some how managed to lose 4lbs 😀 😀 😀 So very happy with that 😀

BUT not only did I lose 4lbs I also got this little monkey ……

Club 10 Award

Here’s to another GREAT week 😀

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Red / Original Day

So I have decided that has I have such a rubbish week I would try having a Red day today ….. So far so good 🙂

So this Slimming World Week started on Wednesday but I came down with a sickness bug so yes I did stick to plan but did really eat a lot.

, I was naughty though as I had a sneak peek on Friday and I had lost 6lbs !!! Well Friday started well but all went pear shaped during the afternoon / evening this then continued over the whole weekend !!!

Well this morning I got up and gave my self a talking to that was after a very good friend of mine gave me a good talking to last night ! ( she follows SW as well) So I made some veg soup this morning which was delish but just to annoy me a bit me I was told today by a family member that and I quote ” You will never be slim or skinny will you, you just like your food to much” !!!!!! At the time I was sat down eating a bowl of my homemade veg soup !!!!!

Menu – Monday & Tuesday (Red Days)

  • Hi – Fi Bar
  • Home made Veg Soup
  • Home made Chilli with Rice (25g 4.5 syns) & Salad
  • My HEA with be my skimmed milk in my tea and may be a sprinkle of low fat cheese on my dinner
  • My HEB will be my Hi – Fi Bars and the Baked Beans in my Chilli.

I will just try and snack on fruit today  😀

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And Again !!!!

So last week started well but by Friday I had lost the plot !!!! So not a good week on plan saying that I did get to make loads of cakes so in future I need to be extra prepared when doing cake orders !

So didn’t go to weigh in last night as was out for a family Birthday dinner which was yummy but I ended up eating so much food I couldn’t move !!!!

But back on plan as of this morning 😀 Have done really well so far ….

  • Breakfast – Hi fi Bar
  • Lunch – Crustless Quiche
  • Dinner – Chicken Pilau & Salad
  • Snacks – Apple, Grapes

Lets hope this continues ……. 😀