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Going Well So Far…..

Well so far this week I have managed to stay on plan 😀 😀 I am so very pleased with myself I now just need to keep on track over the weekend !!!!

Well I think that I have managed to crack a Scan Bran cake, i have tried on many occasions but to be honest it always ends up in the bin !!! This one I have made is delish and I have even had to hide it from my kids !!!

So my plan for the weekend is if we go out and then have lunch out is to try and stick to Jacket Potato !!! and I will stick some Hi-Fi Bars in my bag as well 😀

I have got some mince beef out for tomorrow so I can do either homemade burgers,chilli or a spag bol I also have some Chicken Tikka Masala made in the freezer and some microwave rice on hand 😀

Here’s to a great weekend 😀 😀

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New Day …..

So last week was totally rubbish !!!! I was in a very strange mood all week, hubby was off which I could blame but in all honesty its only me that eats the food !!!

I wasn’t going to go to weigh in last night but our normal consultant wasn’t in it was a lady that covers so I went as I didn’t want to let her down (I’m pay lady) good thing I did go as I ended up multi tasking taking the money and weighing in !!!!

So I gained which was not a surprise 4lbs back on !!!! 😦

This morning I have got up the sun is shining so its a new day …… 😀 😀 😀

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Strange Week ….

Well I have had a very strange week this week ….. Did really well Wednesday, Thursday & Friday even out for dinner Friday night and I stayed within my syns.

However Late Friday night while watching TV I did have a munch not to bad ended up having 20syns so I was over for the day but nothing to bad.

Well we went out Saturday and I was really good had a Jacket Potato with Baked Beans & Salad for lunch and took a couple of Hi-Fi Bars out with me the trouble started when we got home I was knackered and stressed for some reason so we ended up having an Indian Takeaway !!!! but that started me munching and I did have chocolate and sweets.

Well went back on plan on Sunday had a BBQ as a family birthday but I was cooking so not to bad had about 10syns in total but then Sunday evening ended up having 2 bacon & egg sandwiches on white bread !!!! and then munched again !!!

I was back on plan yesterday but we were at a funeral of a good friend, we spent 2hrs in the car getting there and another 2hrs in the car coming back also felt somewhat deflated for the whole day so did munch a bit 😦

Back on plan today with weigh in tonight but really not looking forward to it ….. 😦

The out come is if I know that I am out for the day I really need to make sure that I have a meal prepared so that I can just warm it through when I get in, yes I could have had a SW ready meal on Saturday night but I would have still had to cook dinners for hubby & the kids…..

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Out For Dinner !!

Well tonight we went out for a family meal as my daughter had Sats this week and also it is Mother In Laws Birthday on Sunday so it was a trip to the Harvester….

Well my fav pudding at the Harvester is a Rocky Horror !!!! and at 32 syns I think it is a horror !

I was however really good I have the Simply Chicken but passed on the peas and had a plain Jacket I did go and load up from the salad bar but NO dressings !!! so all in all my dinner was syn free 😀 😀 I did treat myself to a pudding but I had a Sundae Best which is 12.5syns 😀 I also walked to and from the Harvester 😀 😀

Safe to say that I am very pleased with myself 😀 😀 😀

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Good Idea Or Just Bonkers ???

Well yesterday I decided that I would have a sort through one of my kitchen cupboards, I also thought why not label everything in the cupboard so that I no how many syns are in things I decided that this would also help hubby out a bit as he has decided to do Slimming World but he his doing from home……

These are some of the goodies I found in my cupboard …. !!!!!

IMG_5136 IMG_5137 IMG_5138 IMG_5139 IMG_5140 IMG_5141

😀 😀 😀

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Great Start !!!

Well I have to say that I had a very good day yesterday, got lots of walking in, stuck to plan and had 12syns which was fab 😀

Today has also been a good but didn’t get out for a walk then again it has been raining ALL day !!!!! I have still done just over 8000 steps today which is pretty good so may get that up to 10000 before bed we will see 😀

For my dinner last night I tried a new recipe which a lady at group was talking about on Tuesday – Sticky Chicken OMG it is lush really enjoyed it and very easy to make, I will at the recipe at some point tonight 😀

Here’s To another good day tomorrow 😀 😀

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Happy Bunny !!!

Well back from weigh in and I’m very happy to say that I some how managed to lose 6lbs !!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

I do think that the walking has really helped which is great 😀 😀

Here’s to another great week ….. 😀 😀