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Back On Plan

Evening all πŸ˜€ so after a wobble yesterday I have got back back on plan today πŸ™‚ I am now looking forward to weigh ion on Tuesday as I only need to lose 1.5lbs to get my 1 1/2 st award πŸ˜€

For dinner tonight I made a Sausage Casserole which I must say was delish, the only down side was that I wanted more but there was none left ! πŸ˜›

I have found that it is so much easier now that hubby is following SW as well πŸ˜€

This was my dinner tonight …….


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Weekend Wobble…..

Ok so it the weekend again πŸ˜€ Well yesterday I was doing really well, having a great day …heres what I ate –

  • Free Foods – Chicken, Potatoes, Rice
  • Superfree Foods – Peppers, Spinnach, Onions
  • HEA – Skimmed Milk
  • HEB – Hi-Fi Bar
  • Syns – Slice of Swiss Roll – 4.5

So all good until I went to eat my dinner …… I had made the Lamb Vindaloo from the Slimming World Fakeways book, once it was cooked i tasted it and to be honest I really did not like it at all. I found the lamb was cooked to perfection lovely and tender but it didn’t really seem to have any flavour, I also found it way to tomatoey for me and as for being a Vindaloo no it was not, not even close. On the other side my hubby tasted it and he said it was really nice. So the out come of this was me not having any thing else out that I could cook for my dinner (hubby was gonna have the Lamb) and it was getting late so I ended up ordering an Indian Takeway for me …… so this is how my day ended up looking

  • Free Foods – Chicken, Potatoes, Rice
  • Superfree Foods – Peppers, Spinnach, Onions
  • HEA – Skimmed Milk
  • HEB – Hi-Fi Bar
  • Syns – Slice of Swiss Roll Β 4.5, Chicken Curry 12, Pilau Rice 2.5, Popaddums 12, Mint Dip 10, Chapatti 15 – Total Syns = 56 !!!!!

So I will be counting Saturday as Β Flexi Syn day …….

( I really did enjoy eating my curry and I was totally stuffed πŸ˜› )


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Week 6 Weigh In

Well I am happy to say in fact most relieved that I managed to lose 2lbs this week πŸ˜€

How I did this I really don’t know as I had a very on off plan week but it could have been a lot worse and I have managed to over come many obstacles so all in a not to bad week and very pleased to have lost what I did. πŸ˜€

So in 6 weeks I have lost 1st 5.5lbs so very happy with that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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Terrific Thursday …

Well I must say that finally I am feeling me like my-self and today I have had a great day Slimming World wise πŸ˜€

For my lunch I had Bacon, Eggs, Tomatoes and toast which were delish… I was going to take a picture but I was so hungry I just ate it ! πŸ™‚ For dinner I did Homemade Beef Burgers with Slimming World Chips and salad, the burger was huge but very tasty. The roll I syned (6.5) and the low fat cheese slices were my Healthy Extra A all the rest was totally free on Extra Easy….


IMG_0434IMG_0436 IMG_0435

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New Week & Back 100%…..

Ok so we are now on Week 6 !!! and I am feeling more like me today so I have done a dinner menu for the week, written my shopping list out for tomorrow and have some sugar free jelly made ready for my pudding later…..

I was looking at my weight loss so far and over the last 6 weeks I have lost 1st 3.5lbs (17.5lbs) so far which I am really pleased with πŸ˜€

Last week was a really tough week but I did manage to hold it together and made it though and even managed to loss a couple of lbs which I was really surprised about.

So from the last week what did I learn ?

Well the plan I already had is place for dinners I think was a life saver as well as all the salad I had chopped and had ready in the fridge The main thing I did find out over the week was that, with that amount of stress it was so very hard and one day I did not eat during the day at all 😦 this is not good although I did eat my dinner that night but it was a case of having to kinda force it down but I did feel so much but within an hour of eating so all in all you MUST eat,  just make sure you make the right choices.

In the past I would have just been stuffing my face with biscuits, crisps and chocolate but this time I resisted as I know that if I had done thisΒ I would have made myself feel even worse afterwards may be not straight away but in the end I would have binged again as I would have been feeling guilty and annoyed that I had eaten what I had . So by keeping that in mind I did manage to steer clear of all the crap that I would normally head for and I think that with managing to still lose the 2lbs I have proved a point to myself πŸ˜€

I am now looking forward to my next week just spending an hour this morning planning πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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Week 5 Weigh In

Well I had weigh in tonight and to be honest I was not looking forward to it…. I have had a very strange week which has been very stressful and my eating goes really strange when I am that stressed. One minute I want to stuff my face with any food that I can get my hands one and the next I don’t really want anything to eat at all !!!!

I did mange to stick to Extra Easy about 85% which I was pleased with and I am happy to say that I lost another 2lbs this week πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

In total I have now lost 1st 3.5lbs so I am very pleased and I am now looking forward to get back on plan 110% over the next 7 days.

In the morning I will sit down and do a dinner menu for the week as I find that this is really helpful especially if you are having trouble staying on plan…. Β πŸ˜€


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Week 4 Weigh In

Well i had weigh in tonight and to be honest i really wasn’t sure how it would go….Yes I have had a pretty good week but was still thinking of the week before and hoping I hadn’t done to much damage.

Any way I am very happy to say that I lost 3lbs πŸ™‚ So that is 1st 1.5lbs in 4 weeks πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Very happy bunny ……..

SW Stone


Here’s to another good week πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€