Posted in June 2016

Day 1 In Pictures ….

So I did yesterday Day 1 totally ON PLAN 😀 😀


Posted in June 2016

And Again ….

So as I write this I am thinking how many times have I said this ?? Fresh start, drawing a line etc etc….. So I was not on plan last week and gained 6lbs last night but it was my own fault I just seemed to NOT have an OFF button last week when it cam to food !!!! The week before was a bit hit and miss but I did lose 3.5lbs.. SSooooo this week I am going to stick to bloody plan 110% if its the last thing I do !!!!!

I have a friends wedding in a few weeks well 4 more weigh ins to be exact and I want to lose at least 1st before then so that’s it not more excuses, not more blaming other people it’s me and me along that does the food shopping, cooks the lunches & dinners and ultimately  puts the food in my mouth. I need to realise that I need to do this for me because I am worth it ! 😀 😀