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Week 8 Weigh In

So it was weigh in tonight and I am very happy to say that I have lost 2lbs this week and got my 1 1/2 st award 😀

I have no lost a total of 1st 8.5lbs :D:D

SW 1.5

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Walking On Air

Morning all I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine today 😀 Well something very lovely and surprising happened to me this morning…..

I took my kids to school and then went over to talk to one of the mum then I walked back over to my spot in the playground and another mum looked at me and said “ohhh you have really lost some weight now haven’t you , you look narrower ” !!!

Well knock me down with a feather !!!! I have never been refereed to as narrower in my life and in fact I would never have thought that narrower would be a word used to describe ME !!!

It’s amazing that just a couple of words can really make you feel so very good about yourself 😀 😀

It’s weigh in tonight so heres hoping I come home with my 1st 7lbs award a nice shiny sticker to go on my book 😀

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Week 8 Weigh In…….

Ok so I am coming to the end of Week 8 on my Slimming World Adventure and its weigh in tomorrow night…. ! I can not decide if I am looking forward to it or if I am dreading it 😛 I have a very mixed week Wednesday & Thursday fantastic Friday good also until we reached Friday evening ate a fair few syns but got up Saturday morning and got straight back on plan however this only lasted until dinner at which point I lost it. I had a takeaway curry for dinner followed by a large bar of chocolate!

So Sunday morning get up and give myself a good taking to and from then on I have been really good and 100% on plan so as fair as my weigh in goes tomorrow I could gain, maintain I am not expecting to lose anything though.

So I guess I will have to wait & see !!!!! 🙂

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Week 8 Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

  • Wednesday
  • Dinner – SW Spiced Chicken
  • Thursday
  • Dinner – Spicy Chicken Drumsticks
  • Friday
  • Dinner –  Sausage Casserole
  • Saturday
  • Dinner – Chicken Tikka Massala with Rice & Sagg Aloo
  • Sunday
  • Dinner – Roast Dinner
  • Monday
  • Dinner – Burgers & Chips
  • Tuesday
  • Dinner – Chilli