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Wednesdays Food

So had a great day today and I am really pleased with myself as I did have breakfast and I have drunk less Pepsi Max 😀 😀

Food Wednesday 3

Here’s to another great day tomorrow 😀 😀 😀

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Thursday Food

Well I must say I have had a good day today 😀 😀 I have even managed to get in more speed food in which I find hard sometimes 😀

Food Thursday

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Mondays Food

Well I have had another great day today and stayed on plan, also the kids have now gone back to school so that means I’m back to work so i do a lot more walking 😀

Food Monday

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Sundays Food

So I forgot to post this yesterday but I am very happy to say that I got back on plan after Saturdays BIG wobble …….. I think this is the first time I have wobbled but got back and stayed on plan the next day 😀 😀

Sunday Food

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Wobbly Saturday ….

Ok so this is my food dairy for yesterday …. I did have quite a big wobble but I have counted everything so hopefully wont do the same again !!!! I was straight back on plan this morning and have had a pretty good day today 😀

Food Saturday