Posted in August 2016

Amazing !!!

Ok so I have been listening to Paul Mckenna and the I Can Make You Thin for almost a week… I had a good read of the book (read in under a day) which I will re-read and I have to say that the difference is amazing …. I am already NO longer thinking about food 24/7, I’m no longer planning meals days ahead I more like go in the kitchen and see what I have then oh yeah I will make that for dinner.

One way I can explain it is that the foo is no longer shouting at me yes there is the odd whisper now and again but its easier to ignore 😀 It almost feels like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I now set my alarm in the morning 30 mins earlier and then I lay and listen to Paul and I have to say I am getting up in a much more relaxed and calm mood and getting on with things.

I am eating food which I love and I am enjoying being back in the kitchen 😀 I am also enjoying the food I am eating so much more 😀

I was also very naughty this morning and jumped, well more like stepped nervously onto my scales (your not meant to weigh for at least 2 weeks!) and I am very happy to say that I have lost 2lbs  😀 😀

Posted in August 2016

And I’m Off !!!!

So my book which came today is – Paul Mckenna I Can Make You Thin ….. Yes I guess some of you are eye rolling ! 😀

Well I already had the cd’s that go with the book for some reason so I think hell why not give it a try so I started listening to the cd a couple of days ago which I find best first thing in the morning I set my alarm for 30 mins earlier and then stick my ipod in with headphones 😀 I have to say the last couple of days I have got up feeling better 😀 😀

I have also got more done during the day and yesterday I found that I ate lunch (ive never been one for breaky) then I didn’t have anything until my dinner which is unusual for me as normally nibbling at 4ish !!!! Yes I did have a bit of cake with my evening cuppa but I didn’t sit and stuff in front of the tv 😀

So my book came this morning which I have started to read and it is all beginning to make sence !!!! 😛