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Wobbly Wednesday…

Ok so yesterday (Wednesday) was not my best day !!! I had a really day and in the evening my kids had there school disco which I was helping at !!!

I must say the disco was great fun and all the kids enjoyed it, I was very good as I didn’t even have 1 penny sweet ! 😀

Before I went out with the kids I had checked with hubby that he would be ok to do the dinner to which he said yes….. We were going to have Fajita Chicken with salad which we both love and is totally free. So I get in about 7.20pm and on asking hubby if there was anything I needed to do and how was dinner doing he said ” Oh yeah dinner, well I did get the wok out of the cupboard” ! I was so tired and really just wanted to sit down that we ended up having a Chinese Takeaway ! Not great but I didn’t go to mad I did however have a Wispa for my afters !!!

I am pleased to say though that today I have pulled myself back onto plan so happy with that…

Here’s to the rest of the week ! 😀

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Week 2 Weigh In

Well went to group tonight and I am very happy to say that I have lost 3lbs this week  & I got Slimmer Of The Week 😀 😀 😀 😀

That makes it 12.5lbs in just 2 weeks I am very very pleased with myself and extremely HAPPY 😀 😀 😀

This next week I am going to aim to lose 1.5lbs, so here’s to a good week 😀




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Winning The Weekend

Well it’s Monday morning again !!! But I am pleased to say that I did really well over the weekend, yes I did have a few syns and even a couple of biscuits but I stayed focused and even tried some new recipes from the new Slimming World Fakeways Recipe Book and they went down really well with the whole family 😀

So it’s weigh in tomorrow night and if I was being honest I would love to lose 4.5lbs so that would mean that I would lose 1st in 2 weeks but I know that, that would be a big ask and almost to much to lose in just 2 weeks so I am aiming to lose 2lbs and I would be happy 😀

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You Learn Something Everyday :D

So as I was asked by some friends if they could see my food diary for my first week I added it to my blog last night, well it just goes to show you one of my lovely friends on Facebook (Claire) had a read and then pointed out to me that the Sugar Free Jellies are NOT syn FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought they were and I don’t know why the only reason I can think of is that I did follow Weight Watchers for a while and they are 0 Pro Points but on Slimming World the sugar free jelly crystals are 1.5 syns per packet.

When I make the jelly up I do divide it in to 4 portions so this would be just under 1/2 a syn a portion but I think to be on the safe side I will in the future count it as the 1/2 syn 😀

So I have learnt that even the little things you need to check yes it may only be 1/2 a syn but if I had jelly everyday then that would be 3.5syns over the week…..

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Weigh In…. :D

Well what can I say I had weigh in tonight after following my first week on Slimming World Extra Easy Plan and to be honest I am totally gobsmacked…

I lost 9.5lbs !!!!!! How bloody amazing is that !

The best thing was my daughter came to class with me and when the leader said how much I had lost she jumped up off the floor and just pounced on me giving me the biggest cuddle ever saying ” well done Mummy, well done” Now that’s got to be better than a sticker 😀

My First Award 😀 😀 😀



Here’s to another GREAT week 😀

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Easter Sunday !!!!

So its Easter Sunday ….. Normally a day where I would sit and stuff my face pretty much all day!!

Well this Easter I decided to do things differently I have had delicious roast lamb for lunch with sw roast potatoes & carrots and broccoli. Then for my supper I had sw chips, bacon, eggs and 2 slices of bread. Yes I did have some chocolate but I did syn it.

I do feel that may be I should have had a bit more fruit, as snack wise today I have had some grapes and a Muller Light but all in all I feel that I have had a great day and I am very pleased with myself 😀


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Conquering The Weekend ! Day 4 …..

Well so its Saturday and normally not a good Day for me food wise !!!

Saying that I have had a fantastic day 😀

As a family we were off out today, so before we went out I did brunch for us all which was bacon, egg’s, baked beans, tinned tomatoes and toast……


When we went out into my bag i popped a Rocky Road Bar and a snack pack of apple, this was really handy as we did end up stopping for a cuppa and a piece of cake but I was soooooo good I just had a cuppa with my Rock Road bar 😀

For dinner I had homemade chilli with a mixed salad which was also delish, and for my pudding I had a sugar free jelly topped with Pomegranate Seeds which I have decided are my new favorite as I had them in my salad that I had with my dinner 🙂

IMG_0064                         IMG_0065 IMG_0066                                      IMG_0067

So all in all I have had a fantastic day food wise….. 😀