Posted in April 2016

Fresh Beginnings …..

Ok so I may have said this a few times but I have rejoined Slimming World as I had missed quite a few weeks due to life in general getting in the way, so I decided to just start a fresh I did the New Members talk and got a new pack I even took down all my awards which I had got previously and had on my kitchen wall so the slate is well and truly wiped clean !!!

Well that was 4 weeks ago and yes life got in the way again (family member in hospital) so last night I went to class and mush to my delight I had lost 1lb !!! 😀 😀 Very happy with that as I was expecting a gain ! So this week that’s in my head is totally in the right place and I plan on having a fantastic week Food Optimising …….

This morning I have fished out a food diary ready for the week, I will be having a look over my books and I am making a shopping list and a mini menu for the weeks dinners before I go shopping !!!! I am doing this week as my week 1 I remember when I first joined Slimming World 2 years ago in my fist week I managed to lose 9.5lbs !!!!!! I do not expect to lose that much this week but I will be giving it my best shot.

I will try each day to post up my food diary as a picture and also try a few new recipes … looking forward to trying the Chicken Katsu Curry this week so I will let you know hoe that comes out …..

Here’s to a fantastic week Food Optimising 😀 😀 😀