Posted in February 2016

Road To No Where …..

Road To No Where or that’s what is feels like anyway !!!!! I always do this and I am getting really pissed off with myself to say the least !!!!

So last week on Monday had a great day cooking loads of different meals all of which have gone in the freezer and were meant to be for this coming week…. Yes we have had some of them but I have also just been eating for the sake of eating !!! I can feel my belly getting bigger Ive not been sleeping well and I am fed up with myself 😦

So what do I do now ?

  • Do I restart on Plan tomorrow ?
  • Do I go to class on Tuesday or give it a miss as I had planed ?
  • Do I just forget about it already ?

Honestly I really do not know where I am at at the moment 😦 😦

I have just read some of my early posts from April 2014 and much to my surprise I lost just under 1 1/2 st in 6 weeks when I first started !!!

So I know I can do !!! So whats stopping me ??? I guess its ME that’s stopping ME but why ???



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