Posted in January 2016

Not As Planned …..

Ok so I had a great great weight loss last week and started on Wednesday with all good intentions of having another good week, however I have to say it really has not gone as planned !!!

Wednesday was a good day started out really well until the evening……. then I had a bit of a munch!!!!

So Thursday started back on plan but again the same thing happened lost it during the evening… So Friday was hit and miss all day but did do a lot of walking…. as for yesterday well not on plan at all not even close.

This morning I started with all good intentions again, had a cereal bar for breaky and then did cooked breaky for lunch well an hour after lunch I lost it and just started to nibble and munch on anything that was in the kitchen…..

I have now STOPPED eating and I am and will be back on plan as of tomorrow morning….. Lets hope I don’t have to much of a gain on Tuesday !!!!


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