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Tough Times …..

Ok so over the last few months I have been all over the place … One minute I’m on plan, the next I’m off.

Then I am thinking about jacking it in altogether!!! Well I am still going to group as I am lucky that I have an AMAZING Slimming World group with an AMAZING consultant I have made loads of new friends and we are like a little family which is lovely…

So at the moment I am having a full on fight with my Food Demons !!!! I have become very lazy where cooking is concerned which is a shame as I really do love to cook and try out new recipes…..

I have I think gained just over a stone in the last 4 to 5 months with weight going on and off and it is now beginning to annoy me so I need to come up with a plan as I am trying to stop myself falling into Christmas mode which means to mean not only time with family and loved ones but also FOOD lots of food all little treats, having a nice dinner, having a biscuit because you have written all your Christmas Cards, have naughty nibbles and a drink whilst wrapping presents & watching Love Actually be cause that’s what you always do, pinching a tree chocolate when no ones looking other wise you wont get one !!!!!

The list goes on …………

So I am now going to spend 20 mins sitting and thinking and coming up with a plan for the next week that will START first thing tomorrow morning !!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


3 thoughts on “Tough Times …..

  1. Good luck! It’s so hard especially at Christmas time! I find that doing a meal plan for the week and re writing my goals a good place to start afresh xx

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