Posted in September 2015

Happy Dance !!!

So after a fantastic start to my week last week I did have a very strange weekend where I was on and off plan…

So I went to group last night and I am very happy to say that I lost 5lbs 😀 😀 😀

I was extremely happy with that as I was thinking that may be I would have stayed the same, at least that’s a good part of the weight off that I gained over the school holidays !!!

Had a great meeting last night and very focused for the week ahead, I will have a busy weekend as have visitors on Saturday so will be out for lunch and then on Sunday its a shopping trip for my daughters 12th Birthday so it will be lunch out again but I am going to enjoy the weekend but just try to make wise choices:D

One thing I did learn this week is that I really do tend to eat when I am tried so this week I will be setting myself a bed time and sticking to it, I will not be sitting playing games on FB until midnight !!!!!!

Hope every body has a great week 😀


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