Posted in September 2015

Need To Refocus ….

Ok so over the Holidays it has not been good 😦

Yes I had a fab 6 1/2 weeks with my kids but unfortunately my Slimming World has gone out  of the window I have lost my Slimming World Mojo !!!! 😦

There are lost of reason my life has become more of a whirlwind than normal, my hubby has been told he is being made redundant ( we don’t know when as yet !!!) money is tight well tighter than normal and my eldest stared at Senior School so lots of emotions running riot and to top it off I gained 7.5lbs at weigh in last week which wasn’t to bad as that was my first weigh for 3 weeks… Now to top that off my car failed the MOT and as we do not have the money to fix it I am selling it which I guess may be a good thing as I will have to do lots more walking !!!!

So rant over now I need to get my bum in gear I need to come up with a plan so that I get back onto Slimming World and make that the positive in my life ( along with my wonderful husband and kids) 😀


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