Posted in August 2015

New Inspiration

So I have not been posting much over the last few weeks but life has taken over and busy, busy, busy  but I am now back head in the game life in focus and back on plan !!!!

I did get my 3st award a few weeks ago which I was really pleased about but things have been up and down since then including my hubby being told that he is going to be made redundant so just a waiting game on that at the moment !!!!

Well last night went to group and it was our Slimming World Women Of The Year for which much to my surprise I had been nominated for !!!! 😀 😀

So much to my surprise and total joy when I won  !!!!!!

IMG_6633 IMG_6634

To be honest I am in total shock still as I din’t think I was in with a chance of winning although it was fantastic just to be nominated 😀

I am now this morning full of disbelief in a way but with a new found focus and fire in my belly for an amazing week on plan and a great weight lost for next week…..

My target is in sight !!!! 😀 😀 😀