Posted in June 2015


Well to be honest the last few weeks I have been doing the same as I always seem to do…… have a really good week with a great loss then have a bad week and gain a bit then have a not to bad week and lose a little !!!

Well this needs to change and my inspiration comes from my 11 yr old daughter….. Yesterday I had a message via Facebook from another mum at school saying that her daughter had read her a post that my daughter had put on instagram on Sunday she had not seen the post and by this time my daughter had deleted it but it had basically said that she had been at her school fete and all her class mates had been in little shorts and t-shirts with there flat tummies but that she had to cover up as she was fat !!!

Well never have I felt so sad 😦 I sat and had a chat with my daughter which was good and the result of this is that she joined me at Slimming World tonight, I was so pleased until we got home and she had gone to bed and I looked in her SW book to see what she weighed OMG I could have cried I feel so dam guilty…….

So as of tomorrow it is a fresh start for us all…. I will NOT be buying loads of sweets and chocolates & biscuits etc etc ….. I am going to do a menu for the week for dinners we will NOT be eating out at the weekend ( we normally have lunch at KFC or Mcdonalds) and I have done both my kids a snack box for the next 7 days they each have 8 items some dried fruit seed mix and others chocolate but I am not filling the boxes until next Tuesday night once it has gone it has gone but they will be able to help them selves to want they want from the fruit bowl as well….

I am more worried about talking to my hubby to get him on board for a whole family lifestyle change and to be honest he himself is about 7 or 8st over weight so hopefully this will make a difference to him as well….

Here’s to a new week …….. πŸ™‚


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