Posted in May 2015

Going Well So Far…..

Well so far this week I have managed to stay on plan 😀 😀 I am so very pleased with myself I now just need to keep on track over the weekend !!!!

Well I think that I have managed to crack a Scan Bran cake, i have tried on many occasions but to be honest it always ends up in the bin !!! This one I have made is delish and I have even had to hide it from my kids !!!

So my plan for the weekend is if we go out and then have lunch out is to try and stick to Jacket Potato !!! and I will stick some Hi-Fi Bars in my bag as well 😀

I have got some mince beef out for tomorrow so I can do either homemade burgers,chilli or a spag bol I also have some Chicken Tikka Masala made in the freezer and some microwave rice on hand 😀

Here’s to a great weekend 😀 😀


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