Posted in May 2015

Strange Week ….

Well I have had a very strange week this week ….. Did really well Wednesday, Thursday & Friday even out for dinner Friday night and I stayed within my syns.

However Late Friday night while watching TV I did have a munch not to bad ended up having 20syns so I was over for the day but nothing to bad.

Well we went out Saturday and I was really good had a Jacket Potato with Baked Beans & Salad for lunch and took a couple of Hi-Fi Bars out with me the trouble started when we got home I was knackered and stressed for some reason so we ended up having an Indian Takeaway !!!! but that started me munching and I did have chocolate and sweets.

Well went back on plan on Sunday had a BBQ as a family birthday but I was cooking so not to bad had about 10syns in total but then Sunday evening ended up having 2 bacon & egg sandwiches on white bread !!!! and then munched again !!!

I was back on plan yesterday but we were at a funeral of a good friend, we spent 2hrs in the car getting there and another 2hrs in the car coming back also felt somewhat deflated for the whole day so did munch a bit 😦

Back on plan today with weigh in tonight but really not looking forward to it ….. 😦

The out come is if I know that I am out for the day I really need to make sure that I have a meal prepared so that I can just warm it through when I get in, yes I could have had a SW ready meal on Saturday night but I would have still had to cook dinners for hubby & the kids…..


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