Posted in May 2015

Not Giving Up !

Ok so another rubbish week !!! I do hate hormones !!!

Well I was at the point of totally giving up….. but I had a lovely text from my Slimming World Consultant and I also have a very good friend (shes lost 4.5st so far) that sends me random messages on Facebook each day and I have to say if it hadn’t been for her i think I would have given up weeks ago !!

So regroup and start again today ……. I have printed off a food dairy and I am treating today as Day 1 and drawing a line under the last couple of weeks !

I will get to target I just need to keep focused and not give up as if i did I would just be giving up on myself and in all honesty I think I am worth it ! πŸ˜›


3 thoughts on “Not Giving Up !

  1. Don’t give up – I’ve had hormone-related regarding my weight-loss regime in the past. It’s maddening but it IS temporary. Your Leader sounds so supportive. Food diaries do work even it’s just a sheet of A4 folded over seven times (and one tip I got from Weight-Watchers was to just concentrate on the day you’re on) Good Luck x

      1. Someone at WeightWatchers showed me how to fold the tracker so you can only see the day in question – it’s easy enough – good luck! (BTW I must have a drawer full of them somewhere LOL)

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