Posted in May 2015

Body Magic !

So I have decided that I need to do more or even just some Body Magic !! I do do a bit of walking mainly to and from school and work but its not that far, a friend of mine has signed up to do the Race For Life 10k this year and I have offered to walk with her as practice (I haven’t entered the Race) So our plan is to walk on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday 😀 Our first walk is today 😀

Well I also decided to brush the dust on my EA Active Sports game for the xbox which I got a couple of weeks ago but had not tried until this morning !!!

OMG how unfit am I !!! I had it on easy and started on the 9 week program on the game  its a 25 min workout which includes warm up and cool down so not long well I thought I was gonna have to give up half way through but I didn’t I carried on and did it so felt pleased with myself I just need to remember next time not to do it just before going to work !!!!

Well I am just having my lunch then off for a walk before picking up the kids from school !!!


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