Posted in April 2015

Rubbish Week…..

Well I am totally fed up I have again had a rubbish week !!! I have been thinking why do I do it and the conclusion that I have come to if that I can always manage to find an excuse ….. To be totally honest it is only me that buys the food the sweets, biscuits, chocolate and cakes etc and it is only me that eats them.

Some of my excuses are as follows –

  • Tiredness  – This is one of my triggers I do tend to reach for food when I am tired.
  • Solution – Get some early nights, may be I need to set myself a bedtime
  • My Husband – I often tend to past the blame to him as I feel that I do not get any support from him
  • Solution – Hes not forcing me to eat the rubbish ! So I think I need to just do it for me maybe I need to sit and have a talk with him and see if he can support me or even just back me up.
  • My MIL – So my MIL is one of the most negative people I have every met in my life all she does is moan she can also be very blunt and rude at times.
  • Solution – There is no point talking to her as she is always right so what ever you say makes no difference and there is a good chance that if I did say anything she would take it the wrong way and it would end up in a huge row. So I think the only thing I can do here is to rise above it and pretty much ignore the comments.
  • Laziness – I would love to start doing some sort of exercise but in some ways I’m just to lazy and I also know that I will get some comment off my MIL/husband (there not exercise people ! )
  • Solution – I need to start slow and maybe just not tell them, I have a game for my xbox so I think I will set a few mornings a week aside to do a short work out.
  • Why Bother – This often pops into my head to be honest and I don’t know why….
  • Solution – I need to remember why I started at SW, yes it was because I am doing my friends wedding cake in October but its more than that now I know for a fact that the way I am with food is rubbing off on my kids which is not fair. I also need to bother for me I need to do it just for ME !

So there we have some of the main excuses that I often use so I need to concentrate on doing this for me, yes I wish my husband would join me but only he can decide that I can not do it for him so for the next week I need lots of WILL Power and I need to do it for me, yes I am going to have a gain at weigh in tonight but that is totally my own fault. I have been stuck at this point for so long, months in fact that it is really just time to move on and get some great Slimming World weeks in 😀

I you have any ideas that would help with any of the above then please let me know ……

Now I think I need to go and do a menu for the next week !!!!

Follow the plan NOT the mood ! 😀


2 thoughts on “Rubbish Week…..

  1. Keep going! I know how hard it can be especially when u don’t have a support system around u at home, and that’s why group is so important! Have a lovely week xx

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