Posted in March 2015

Doing It 1950’s Style !!!

Ok so doing 1950’s what ??? Well on chatting to a friend last night we were talking about dieting/losing weight and came up with looking back to the 1950’s !!!! Well the average women was a lot smaller than today, they did a lot more walking. a lot less sitting and of course there were not the variety of foods that there are today.

So one of the things that a 1950’s housewife would have done would have been funnily enough was HOUSEWORK ! and on average they did roughly 3 hours a day ….. So on that note I am starting to do a huge spring clean in my house starting with one room and working my way round over the next week from this i hope to be able to then clean properly everyday and will set aside between 2 & 3 hours a day for housework. This will also included all the washing and ironing.

So the washing machine will be staying along with my hoover and no I wont be beating any rugs on the line in the garden ! What I want is a clean and tidy house that my Nan would be proud of 🙂

I also feel that if I am on top of everything within the house then other things follow …….. And a good de-clutter never hurt now did it 😀

As for my Slimming World, well this week has not been good I have gained 4lbs in the last to weeks and this week I have not been well, its was Mothers Day followed by my Birthday !!! I am going to weigh in tonight but I will have gained I just hope that its not to much of a gain BUT I will be back on plan tomorrow and hopefully with all this housework I will be doing a load of body magic 😀


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