Posted in March 2015

Never thought I’d Say This…

Well I have to say that I am totally fed up 😦 I have had a bad week following Slimming World again I only managed to stay on plan Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and then lost the plot Friday night and carried on munching my way through the weekend with good intentions of getting back on plan Monday but this never happened !!!!!

To be honest at this very moment I really do feel like giving up 😦

As I sit here I am deciding whether or not to go to class tonight… ???????

Posted in March 2015

Doing It 1950’s Style !!!

Ok so doing 1950’s what ??? Well on chatting to a friend last night we were talking about dieting/losing weight and came up with looking back to the 1950’s !!!! Well the average women was a lot smaller than today, they did a lot more walking. a lot less sitting and of course there were not the variety of foods that there are today.

So one of the things that a 1950’s housewife would have done would have been funnily enough was HOUSEWORK ! and on average they did roughly 3 hours a day ….. So on that note I am starting to do a huge spring clean in my house starting with one room and working my way round over the next week from this i hope to be able to then clean properly everyday and will set aside between 2 & 3 hours a day for housework. This will also included all the washing and ironing.

So the washing machine will be staying along with my hoover and no I wont be beating any rugs on the line in the garden ! What I want is a clean and tidy house that my Nan would be proud of 🙂

I also feel that if I am on top of everything within the house then other things follow …….. And a good de-clutter never hurt now did it 😀

As for my Slimming World, well this week has not been good I have gained 4lbs in the last to weeks and this week I have not been well, its was Mothers Day followed by my Birthday !!! I am going to weigh in tonight but I will have gained I just hope that its not to much of a gain BUT I will be back on plan tomorrow and hopefully with all this housework I will be doing a load of body magic 😀