Posted in February 2015

Food Diary

Ok so here is what I ate over the last week excluding yesterday (Tuesday) which is weigh in day, for my HEA choice I normally just have Skimmed Milk or sometimes a bit of cheese …..

2015-02-11    WEDNESDAY

2015-01-171  THURSDAY

2015-02-042  FRIDAY

2015-02-08  SATURDAY

2015-02-15  SUNDAY

Recently Updated1  MONDAY


One thought on “Food Diary

  1. Your food looks amazing. I am a long-term slimming world goer, but it has mainly been damage limitation for the last six months and i have gained most of what i lost, despite still going to group every week. It has not been a good six months, ha. Now, however, I have my head back in the game. I did a seven-day juice fast to reset my thinking and am back on SP as of tomorrow. It will be interesting to see your progress. You really do seem to be on it 🙂

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