Posted in February 2015

February Restart !!!

Morning all well I have to say that I am some what annoyed with myself !!! In December I gained 9lbs just due to the fact that life took over and my Slimming World kinda slipped, I am still now in February trying to lose what I gained and to be honest I have been finding it really hard !!!

Some weeks I gain some I lose then some are bad so I don’t go to class, so on having a moment this morning I have realised that it is my Birthday soon and I have 4 more weighs in I my now mission is to lose 1 Stone !!!

I know full well that if I stick to the Slimming World Extra Easy plan I could lose a stone if not even a bit more, the problem is the sticking to it !!!!

So I am coming up with a plan of action that will suit ME my head this morning is screwed on the right way round which helps…

So on-wards & downwards …….

😀 😀 😀 😀


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