Posted in February 2015


So head firmly screwed on the right way round !!!

This is my plan, hints and tips for ME for the next 4 weeks !!!!

So reminder to myself as to why I joined Slimming World …..

  • Yes I am overweight and my eating habits are rubbing off on my kids which is not good.
  • I also have a friends wedding later this year and I have said that I will make her Wedding Cake for her as a present on saying this the thought popped into my head ….. ” OMG if they mention I have done the cake everyone will look at me and think Oh lord she has eaten all the cakes as well ” !!!
  • I really really hate shopping for clothes ….. 😦 And when we do go out which is not very often I always end up wearing the same black trousers which I have had for years !!!!

Hints For ME

  • Have downloaded Water My Body app on my phone to encourage me to drink more water and less Pepsi Max!
  • Remember to put my 1/3rd Superfree Foods on my plate FIRST
  • Eat between 10 & 15 Syns everyday rather than trying to save them for a binge in front of the telly on a Friday or Saturday Night
  • Weigh & measures Healthy Extra A’s & B’s no guesstimating!
  • Check the Syns value of something BEFORE I eat it then decide if its worth it or not…….
  • PLAN PLAN & PLAN Especially for the weekends ….. !!!!
  • Fill in a Food Diary everyday as and when I eat something, then do the Food Diary online each evening
  • Take pictures of all food and do a picture collage each evening

Thats all I can think of right now but if other things come to mind I shall add then at a later date 😀


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