Posted in January 2015

Slimming World EESP

So its here, brand new shiny books and an update to the Slimming World Plan….. Gone are Red & Green days and in comes an easier to understand Extra Easy along with Extra Easy SP.

So what is EESP ??? Well Slimming World has done this plan to replace what was Success Express it is only meant to be followed for a week on those odd occasions that you feel you need a boost. I have found that as all plans for some people it works and for others it does not work so really it just depends on how YOUR body works.

Some people have lost 5 or 6lbs following EESP some have lost more and some have only lost 1lb also from what I have read if you are a diabetic you are NOT to follow the EESP.

So EESP is basically Extra Easy but only Speed (S) and Protein (P) foods which are all marked clearly in your handbooks, you do also get 2 HEB’s instead of one which is great if you like bread or want cereal and a sandwich in your day….You also lose your yogurts ( flavored and natural )so if you can not live with out your Muller Lights then its not for you 😛

I did follow EESP for a week last week and I am pleased to say that I did lose 5lbs 😀

I will add some more info over the next few weeks 😀



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