Posted in January 2015

New Year…. New Start ….

So its January again ! 😛 And how many people have the New Year Resolutions one of which is to lose weight ??? Well i hope every body had a great Christmas 😀 I definitely  did 🙂 Ate way to much, drank to much, lazed about to much and didn’t sleep much !!!!

So I am sad to say that over December as a whole month I gained 9lbs !!!!!!!!!!!

So last week I was back at group and for my first week back on plan I decided to follow the new EESP which I did and over the whole week I did 4 whole days in total and did have a slight slip up but I am pleased to say that I did have a loss of 5lbs which I am well happy with 😀 😀 😀

So this week I have challenged myself to have a full 7 days following EE 100% !!! this may sound odd but every week I have a great couple of days and then I lose it…… it may only be the one day off plan but sometimes its 2 or more and I was thinking that since I started SW in May I have 2 weeks on plan 100% !!!!!!!! I must say so far so good this I have had 4 days on plan and I do feel good and I am soooooo looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday 🙂

Soooo New Year, New Start …… Onwards & Downwards 😛


2 thoughts on “New Year…. New Start ….

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself over xmas, means the 9lbs was worth it 😊 and a big well done getting 5lbs back off in a week. Just shows you what can be done when you put your mind to it. Fingers crossed you get a fab result on tuesday

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