Posted in November 2014

Weigh In 4th October

So went to weigh after a very odd week of on and off plan and I am happy to say that I lost 1lbs 😀 😀 very happy as I have lost 7lbs in just 2 weeks 😀

So totally back on the wagon this week and a friend of mine and myself have challenged ourselves to eat some thing Scan Bran in every day over this coming week !!!!!

I as yet have not decided weather we are both bonkers or desperate or even both !!!! Well yesterday i did the Scan Bran Pancakes which weren’t that bad but I didn’t add as much sweetener as it said in the recipe next time I will 😀

Tonight I have Scan Bran Chocolate & Lemon Cookies in the oven as I type so we will see what they come out like !!!!!

Hope you all have a fab week with lots of lovely weight losses 😀 😀


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