Posted in October 2014

So Far So Good………..

Well I am happy to say that so far this week I have been really good 😀

I have started to use the online Slimming World Food Diary which I have never used as I’m not that keen on it but I have made a point of sitting down each evening and adding what I have eaten to my food dairy, normally I would write it down as I eat during the day but i guess that trying it a different way has made me more mind-full.

So on Wednesday I had 11.5 syns, Thursday I had 9 syns and today so far I have had 3.5 syns so I’m very happy with that. i do try and have my 15 syns a day but i also work them out over the week so I start with 105 and work my way down that for me covers the weekend.

So dinner last night was Homemade Burger

Homemade Burger

As you can see I like BIG burgers !!! i had my burger with fried jacket potato & roasted veg

Burger with Fried Jacket potato & Roasted Veg

And for dinner tonight I had Chicken Pilau with a mixed salad

Chicken Pilau & Mixed Salad

Here’s to the rest of the week !!!! 😀 😀 😀


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