Posted in October 2014

This Weeks Weigh In ….

So went to weigh in last night and I gained 1lb 😦 to be totally honest I was expecting more as I was away at the weekend and was totally of plan !!!

So 1lb I don’t think is to bad but I am really getting fed up of losing, gaining, losing, gaining, losing & gaining !!!! why can I not just have a few weeks where I lose each week !!!!!

Well I have 3 nights out during November/December 2 of them being Christmas meals so my plan is that by Friday 18th December I will have lost another stone if not a bit more……

On the plus side I went through my wardrobe today and I have a lovely evening dress which I have had for a couple of years and I have never worn it, it still has all its tags on well I tried it on and its to big !!!!!! 😀 Now I just need to find a dress for the 18th and buy it and then I will fit into it !!!!!

😀 😀 😀


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