Posted in October 2014

Red / Original Day

So I have decided that has I have such a rubbish week I would try having a Red day today ….. So far so good 🙂

So this Slimming World Week started on Wednesday but I came down with a sickness bug so yes I did stick to plan but did really eat a lot.

, I was naughty though as I had a sneak peek on Friday and I had lost 6lbs !!! Well Friday started well but all went pear shaped during the afternoon / evening this then continued over the whole weekend !!!

Well this morning I got up and gave my self a talking to that was after a very good friend of mine gave me a good talking to last night ! ( she follows SW as well) So I made some veg soup this morning which was delish but just to annoy me a bit me I was told today by a family member that and I quote ” You will never be slim or skinny will you, you just like your food to much” !!!!!! At the time I was sat down eating a bowl of my homemade veg soup !!!!!

Menu – Monday & Tuesday (Red Days)

  • Hi – Fi Bar
  • Home made Veg Soup
  • Home made Chilli with Rice (25g 4.5 syns) & Salad
  • My HEA with be my skimmed milk in my tea and may be a sprinkle of low fat cheese on my dinner
  • My HEB will be my Hi – Fi Bars and the Baked Beans in my Chilli.

I will just try and snack on fruit today  😀


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