Posted in August 2014

School Holidays ….

Well I must say that I do like having my kids about during the holidays as we get to do loads of stuff whether its just chilling out in our pj’s or going out for the day or even going on holiday the only draw back I have found is that it has been 100 times harder to stick to Slimming World. This year we were very lucky and had our first family holiday for a few years and not only that we went away for a whole week (normally we only go for 4 days). We had a fantastic week away but we were eating out most days for lunch and dinner which is tough as most places in Devon seem to serve everything with chips !!!!! I did do a lot of walking and came home to a 5.5lb gain!!! to be honest with the amount of Cream Teas and ice-cream i ate I was expecting more….. Well I was planing on getting back on plan asap which I did do but for 2 days then i was off with the kids to stay at my mum & dads and to be honest I have not been on plan at all during the whole of August….

So yesterday I decided to get back on plan and step on the scales (didn’t make group as it was one of my kids birthdays!!!) Much to my dismay I have managed to gain another 7lbs !!!!!! so in total I have gained almost 1 stone during August !!!! I do wish it came off as quick as it goes on !!!!

So as of yesterday i am back on Slimming World following Extra Easy and I plan to have a fantastic loss this week, I am also looking forward to the kids going back to school so that we can get back into our routine ……


Hope you have all had a fantastic Summer so far 😀


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