Posted in July 2014

Few Weeks Off The Wagon ….

Ok so I have had a bit of a blip …..

Went to weigh in on Tuesday and gained 3.5lbs which is not surprising as I have not been on plan at all …. The week before I didn’t even go to weigh in and the week before that I did go and gained 0.5lbs so all in all I have had a total gain of 4lbs over 3 weeks which considering what I have been eating I do think I have got off lightly !!!!

So this week I am totally back on plan as of yesterday and yes I do feel better already … πŸ™‚ I would love to get the 4lbs off in one week but will be happy this week to lose 2lbs so we will have to wait and see, I have done a menu plan for the week which really helps me sooooo onwards and downwards we go πŸ˜€


Remember its a marathon not a sprint ! πŸ˜›


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