Posted in May 2014

Awful Week 3 !!!

Well so last week absolutely awful !!! I had a headache for 3 days and just ate and ate felt like crap all bloated and indigestion well I think I have had a whole packet of indigestion tabs in just 1 week, wasn’t sleeping well and just couldn’t be bothered …… So why did the week go so badly well it was my own fault but I know where it started – Wednesday Night I had, had a really busy day we had the school disco for all the kids so was helping with that during the day and then went back in the evening to help as well ( the joy of being on the PTA 😀 )

So before I took the kids to the disco I said to hubby that there was some chicken breast in the fridge so just to do a stir fry and some rice he was like yeah that’s Ok what time will you be back etc etc ….

I get home at about 7.20pm which isn’t late but still need to to sort the kids out and get them to bed, I asked hubby if there was anything I needed to do regarding the dinner or was it all done ??? The answer I got was ” Oh yeah well I got the wok out ” !! that was all he had done so we ended up having a Chinese and from then on I was on a slippery slope downwards….. What I think made it worse as as it was hubby’s Birthday yesterday I had already decided that i wasn’t going to go to my Slimming World Class

I didn’t seem to be able to pull it back almost as if I didn’t really want to but I made a promise that I would no longer self sabotage ………..

So lessons learnt – 1) Don’t trust hubby to do dinner make sure I have planed and have something ready at all times ….. 2) Believe in my-self that I am worth it …… 3) Plan, Plan & plan…… 4) Always go to group even if you cant stay to the meeting !

so this is my line under last week



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