Posted in April 2014

Wobbly Wednesday…

Ok so yesterday (Wednesday) was not my best day !!! I had a really day and in the evening my kids had there school disco which I was helping at !!!

I must say the disco was great fun and all the kids enjoyed it, I was very good as I didn’t even have 1 penny sweet ! 😀

Before I went out with the kids I had checked with hubby that he would be ok to do the dinner to which he said yes….. We were going to have Fajita Chicken with salad which we both love and is totally free. So I get in about 7.20pm and on asking hubby if there was anything I needed to do and how was dinner doing he said ” Oh yeah dinner, well I did get the wok out of the cupboard” ! I was so tired and really just wanted to sit down that we ended up having a Chinese Takeaway ! Not great but I didn’t go to mad I did however have a Wispa for my afters !!!

I am pleased to say though that today I have pulled myself back onto plan so happy with that…

Here’s to the rest of the week ! 😀


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