Posted in April 2014

You Learn Something Everyday :D

So as I was asked by some friends if they could see my food diary for my first week I added it to my blog last night, well it just goes to show you one of my lovely friends on Facebook (Claire) had a read and then pointed out to me that the Sugar Free Jellies are NOT syn FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought they were and I don’t know why the only reason I can think of is that I did follow Weight Watchers for a while and they are 0 Pro Points but on Slimming World the sugar free jelly crystals are 1.5 syns per packet.

When I make the jelly up I do divide it in to 4 portions so this would be just under 1/2 a syn a portion but I think to be on the safe side I will in the future count it as the 1/2 syn 😀

So I have learnt that even the little things you need to check yes it may only be 1/2 a syn but if I had jelly everyday then that would be 3.5syns over the week…..


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