Posted in April 2014

Conquering The Weekend ! Day 4 …..

Well so its Saturday and normally not a good Day for me food wise !!!

Saying that I have had a fantastic day 😀

As a family we were off out today, so before we went out I did brunch for us all which was bacon, egg’s, baked beans, tinned tomatoes and toast……


When we went out into my bag i popped a Rocky Road Bar and a snack pack of apple, this was really handy as we did end up stopping for a cuppa and a piece of cake but I was soooooo good I just had a cuppa with my Rock Road bar 😀

For dinner I had homemade chilli with a mixed salad which was also delish, and for my pudding I had a sugar free jelly topped with Pomegranate Seeds which I have decided are my new favorite as I had them in my salad that I had with my dinner 🙂

IMG_0064                         IMG_0065 IMG_0066                                      IMG_0067

So all in all I have had a fantastic day food wise….. 😀



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