Posted in April 2014

Week 1 ….. The beginning

Well, I rejoined Slimming World this week and I am a big fat lump !!!!! 😛

So, I begin my journey on Tuesday 15th April  2014, my class is and evening class and all the ladies there seem really nice, not met my leader as yet as she was off sick but the lady who was covering for her seemed lovely as well.

So I  had my New Member’s talk and then stayed for the meeting  and then had to step on the scales!!!! Well, not a surprise really when I think what I have been eating over the last few months, but I weigh in at 17st 0.5lbs.

I left class feeling really motivated and excited, if not a little nervous, armed with my Slimming World pack the new Slimming World magazine and some Rocky Road Bars!!!.

So Wednesday morning I began I did have a really good day and my aim this week is to have the best possible weight lost that I can have. I am following Extra Easy and I will have up to the 15 syns which you are allowed each day.

Well Wednesday went really well as did Thursday so now I am on Day 3 which happens to be Good Friday but I am staying strong and I am sticking to it.

I already feel less bloated and that, after only 3 days 😀

I am also getting a better nights sleep due to the fact that I am not just running on sugar & fat…..


Happy Good Friday 😀


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